2015 1 – 99
2016 Refugee World Bank
2016 Bruno
2017 Draw me like one of your french cities
2017 New Rage with Riefka El Habachi
2017 Questions? 3 Interviews with Laurine Haller & Sun Young Oh
2017 Concept & Code
2018 C-E-R-N Pre-Diploma
2019 Magischer Materialismus magical materialism
2019 From Hawaii to Eternety video essay
2019 Teenage Boy Bible a code generated book
2019 Partir, c'est mourir un peu video essay (I crashed in a hole for that)
2019 Potential Spaces publication with Katrin Rüll
2019 Advocacy Quilts NGO, nice, check out!
2020 The Last Meow / The Cymera Family Organisation / PITSR superfiction
2020 Relicts of Time beyond the Clock with Sonja Schwarz
Communicationsdesign & Media Art, HfG Karlsruhe Diploma
2017 Studio Katja Gretzinger internship
Co-founder at HfG Karlsruhe
2018 Pre-deploma supervisors: Sereina Rothenberger & Ivan Weiss & Michael Krienbühl
2019 Saturday Type Fever Graphics & Concept
2020 Saturday Type Fever II Team Concept
2020 MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHI Reykjavík Exchange
studies at MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHI Reykjavík Master

based Karlsruhe, Germany

I speak German and English
I code in HTML, CSS, jquery, javascript, PHP, VVVV, processing
books I recommend
1 Solaris Stanisław Lem
2 Comedia Dante Alighieri
3 Die Phsysiker Friedrich Dürrenmatt
4 Der Nachbar Franz Kafka
5 The Blue Fox Sjón
all books by Hermann Hesse

animes I like
1 Akira movie
2 Neon Genesis Evangelion show
3 Ghost in the Shell movie
4 Princess Mononoke movie
5 Nausicaä movie
Hayao Miyazaki

Jim Jarmusch, if you read this,
nice that you are here
I am Janosch.
This is my not yet
finished website.
I am a designer.
I want to shape culture.
I work conceptually
with visual language
and research.
I do video essays
and websites.
I love to draw
and I don't like e-scooters.

Sorry for short sentences,
not so much space here

Greetings from