This is a Good Place
(100 pc.)
format A7
method Digital
fonts Authentic Sans (edited)
work for City of Reykjavík Fund
collaborator(s) Line Hannah Rongen / Yelena Arakelow / Magdalena Tworek

link to research material
Karlsruhe: 18.07.2024 – 06:02:00
Reykjavík: 18.07.2024 – 04:02:00
Landscape for the Chosen Ones
Barbara - a tale of transformation
How to Share the Dancefloor
This is a Good Place
How to be moved by Art
Potential Spaces

2015 1 – 99
2016 Refugee World Bank
2016 Bruno
2017 Draw me like one of your french cities
2017 New Rage with Riefka El Habachi
2017 Questions? 3 Interviews with Laurine Haller & Sun Young Oh
2017 NoFoundry.xyz Concept & Code
2018 C-E-R-N Pre-Diploma
2019 Magischer Materialismus magical materialism
2019 From Hawaii to Eternety video essay
2019 Teenage Boy Bible a code generated book
2019 Partir, c'est mourir un peu video essay (I crashed in a hole for that)
2019 Potential Spaces publication with Katrin Rüll
2019 Advocacy Quilts NGO, nice, check out!
2020 The Last Meow / The Cymera Family Organisation / PITSR superfiction
2020 Relicts of Time beyond the Clock with Sonja Schwarz
2020 super(design)fiction thesis
2021 The Icelandic Foreign Legion final master project
2021 Stofan spatial installation and public discussion on the communitz of foreigners in Icleand
2022 LungA Festival Graphic with Gréta Þorkelsdóttir
2015 – 2018 Communication design & Media Art, HfG Karlsruhe Pre-Diploma (BA)
2018 Pre-deploma supervisors: Sereina Rothenberger & Ivan Weiss & Michael Krienbühl
2020 MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHÍ Reykjavík Exchange
2018 – 2023 Communication design & Media Art, HfG Karlsruhe Diploma (MA)
2020 – 2021 Master degree at MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHI Reykjavík Master

2017 Studio Katja Gretzinger internship
2020 Studio Garðar Eyjólfsson internship
2022 LungA Festival internship

2022 Community Publication Making - "Inhabitants" MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHÍ Reykjavík
2023 Community Publication Making - "Heapology" MA Design "Explorations & Translations", LHÍ Reykjavík
2023 Community Publication Making - "Whales" BA Product Design, LHÍ Reykjavík

2018 — 2022 Co-founder Nofoundry.xyz at HfG Karlsruhe
2019 Saturday Type Fever Graphics & Concept
2020 Saturday Type Fever II Concept
2021 — > Improv for Dance Enthusiasts Facilitator & Graphic
2022 — 2024 Nordic Noise Curatorial research

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4 Solaris Stanisław Lem
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6 Die Phsysiker Friedrich Dürrenmatt
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8 The Blue Fox Sjón
all books by Hermann Hesse

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